About FARiskMgmt


Originally founded in 1989 as Higher Plateau, the company has transformed its business model and brand over the years as the demands of the market and its members also transformed. The evolution of FA Risk Management has allowed us to explore new risk mitigation strategies and the ability to offer them to our members. As the company continues to grow through the expansion of its membership the risk mitigation strategies we provide continue to transform and evolve to the benefit of our members.

We believe that our position in the industry and the risk mitigation strategies we provide are unique and in demand. Dedicated to the increased performance of our members and their business; we will continue to evolve and transform our business model to assist in protecting our members, as the responsibility of the investor is diminished through government regulation.

It’s not about "who is right and who is wrong" anymore…

it is about “can you afford to defend yourself and for how long?”